The RuneScape Wikis:
Year in Review

2019 has been a great year for RuneScape, and a momentous year for the wikis. We've forged new collaborations and built new tools to make us the best possible resource for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. We are Weird Gloop, the organisation behind the site, and we take pride in the quality of the wikis. We'd like to share this year's successes with you.

New wikis

In early 2019, we welcomed the Portuguese-Brazilian RuneScape Wiki and the RuneScape Classic Wiki to our network. The Portuguese wiki is maintained by a group of dedicated editors, and we thought it would be a great idea to bring them on board. While RuneScape Classic is no longer available, it's still part of the legacy of the game. Our goal is to preserve the history of RuneScape under one roof, and Classic is part of our family.


The past year has been a massive success for both the RuneScape Wiki and Old School RuneScape Wiki. Here are some of the major achievements from 2019.


With hundreds of thousands of articles and images, the wiki is all about actual data. We've had an impressive year in terms of numbers, and collected a few statistics over the past year.


The wiki has been utilised by millions of visitors for each of the games. Our biggest countries are the United States and the United Kingdom, but we've been visited by almost every country on the planet (including North Korea).

Total pageviews

Across all wikis over the last twelve months

Total visitors

Across all wikis over the last twelve months

Average duration

Average time spent on the wikis in a session

/wiki usage

Times the command has been used since release

Most visits from

  1. USA (46%)
  2. UK (12%)
  3. Canada (7%)
  4. Netherlands (5%)

Most used browsers

  1. Chrome (61%)
  2. Safari (20%)
  3. Edge (5%)
  4. Firefox (5%)


Nothing on the wiki would have been possible without the contributions of our amazing community. We owe our success to the hundreds of players who have taken the time to upload an image, write a guide, or just fix a typo on a random article. We recognise the importance of our community with the following numbers.

Pages created

Across all wikis over the last twelve months

Images uploaded

Across all wikis over the last twelve months

Edits made

Across all wikis over the last twelve months

New editors

New users who have edited at least once this year

Active editors

Users who have edited in the last thirty days

Wikian titles given

Users awarded the title over the last twelve months


Behind the scenes, our technical team has been hard at work making the wikis faster and more robust.

Article caching

A map of the wiki's Cloudflare network

The wikis have always used a content delivery network (CDN) to cache image assets geographically close to users, but until early 2019, all page views were being generated by our webservers in France. This was too slow, so in March we designed a way to cache wiki articles using the CDN, with about a 60% hit rate.

In July, we used brand-new database technology from Cloudflare to massively improve the caching, so now 94% of page views are loaded from a datacentre near the user. A few seconds after someone edits a wiki page, those changes propagate worldwide. This has made the average page load 2.5x faster than a year ago.

We're serving less JavaScript!

Over the years, wiki contributors have written nearly 50,000 lines of JS for calculators, price charts, quest checklists, and more. That's great, but it's way too much to ask users to load all at once!

We analyzed all the code and looked for ways to load as few modules as possible for each page. This reduced the average JS bundle by 75%, making page loads faster and smoother, especially on mobile.

Real-life meetups

Though our editors are from all around the world, the wiki has brought us together as collaborators and friends. Last year, we met up around the time of RuneFest to work on the site and have a bit of vacation as well.


The week before RuneFest, 20 Wikians flew to Gran Canaria, a Spanish island you may recognise as the inspiration for the shape of the granite shield. Between updating the wiki and preparing for RuneFest, we also got to explore the island and experience a little bit of Spanish culture.


RuneFest 2019 was held at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, and the wikis were given the opportunity to present a panel about major updates since the fork. We gave out limited edition wiki shirts to attendees and got to meet players who use the wiki every day. RuneFest was an incredible chance to chat with Jagex Moderators, which evolved into a number of collaborative projects like drop rates on the OSRS Wiki.